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Digital Photo Frames

These nifty gadgets are becoming more and more popular especially in recently years, here at the ideal gift we thought we should have a whole page dedicated to these special products. These gadgets really are a truly great gift, in so many ways.

What are Digital Photo Frames?

Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo Frames are just that, digitalized versions of the old modern day picture frame. Whats special about these frames is the fact that you can story vasts amount of rotating pictures on one frame that can be rotated automatically or whenever you choose. The Digital Photo Frame is the evolution of technology, why would you want to use the old fashion limit to 1 picture when you can have many in one single frame, not only that but the other features that are offered by these gadgets is amazing.

Most of these frames also blend in like just like the old traditional frames, so you wont even be able to tell that they are in fact digital. These can really modernize your home and friends/family will be all the keen to get one for themselves. While cameras have become smaller and digitalized, the frame has evolved with it. Now you can store hundreds of pictures in the one frame, a friend of mine has all his wedding pictures in one of these frames and they rotate every few seconds, its simply amazing. Why keep your pictures stored away on the PC, or just like you stick them on Facebook for the world to see. Why not give them a permanent physical fixture in the home for everyone to see, relieve them special moments in family life.

It doesn't just extend to the home, maybe at work have a digital photo frame on your desk so you can have that reminder of what really matters in this world and that's family. With these nifty gadgets being so cheap and not really needing that much technical knowledge they can really make an ideal gift, for anybody.

Digital Photo Frame Guide

Digital Photo Frames though are fairly easy to use there is some information you will might want to know and probably a few things you have seen while looking at them and wondered what it means so here is a quick guide.

Brands: There are a number of brands that are currently manufacturing these digital photo frames with Kodak and Phillips being two of the main manufacturers, most commonly the bigger brands have a higher cost, but usually the quality is much better.

Power: These photo frames need power to run, these can either be via the mains or batteries, the latter is usually the most preferred method if you want to make your digital photo frame blend in with the surroundings, who need wires?

Slide Show and Video: Nearly all of these photo frames will have a slide show format allowing you to transition of pictures usually in your own pre-set time interval, also some of the digital photo frames can also playback video. Most common formats are .AVI and .MPEG, if you plan on wanting a photo frame that can play video make sure to check it supports playback of them video formats.

Storage : The pictures need to be stored somewhere, most of the time the built in memory of your digital photo frame is usually enough, but if you want to have more storage there are various memory cards that can be bought for that extra storage, make sure that the frame you planning on buying supports the memory card your have. Some of the common memory card types are MMC, SD, SDHC, MS.

Resolution: Resolution is the amount of pixels that are shown on the frame, the highest the amount of pixels/resolution usually means the higher the quality of image.

Size: There are a number of physical sizes available for digital photo frames ranging usually from the smallest key chains at 1.5" to massive 22" inch frames, the most common size is 7" as it is the ideal size to fit almost anywhere.

Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio is the ratio of the images height to its width, usualy written by two numbers seperated by a semicolon, for example if a image had an aspect ratio of 16:9, this could be 16cm wide and 9cm high, or equally 16" wide and 9", the height and width will be relative to each other.

Contrast Ratio: is the amount of how much brighter the brigthest white pixel is compared to the darkest, 2000:1 would mean the whitest pixel is 2000x brigther than the darkest black, a rule of thumb is that the higher the contract ratio the better.

Sound and Video Playback: Some digital photo frames will have the ability to play video aswell as sound, depening don the formats supported such as MPEG, AVI or MP3. If you plan on wanting to play video with sound then make sure it has got support for them types of playback formats.

Touch Panel : Some of the photo frames support the ability to have a touchscreen LCD, makes navigating throught he frame much easier by allowing you to touch the actual screen to navigate and control your digital photo frame.

Look : The look of the photo frame can be important for many people, some like there frame to look like an ordinary frame, others like to make people know its infact digital.

Our Top 5 Digital Photo Frames

Our top 5 digital photo frame reccomendations will be posted here soon! keep coming back for updates, we tried to be fair and not let one brand dominate the listing, because if we would variants of the Sony and Kodak's digital picture frames would have made the top 5 only.

1. Sony DPF-X800

The Sony DPF-X800 is without a doubt our favourite picture frame here at the ideal gift, with its 8" inch size and very details image quality its one of the best. It even has 2GB inbuilt memory and allows storage up to 4000 photos and even process's larger image sizes very quickly. It even has some special features like auto correct, it can correct red eyes and smoothen skin so that the person in the picture is look their best, all this without the need of a PC.

It also has face detection so can detect any Adult or childs face. If you tip the photo frame around it also rotates the image inside the frame just like the technology in other gadgets like the Ipod. With its host of slideshow options, its ability to hook it up to a HDTV and its awesome seearch functions to help aid the search for your photos, the Sony DPF-X800 is our preferred digital photo frame. The only really downfall is its price, but we would say its worth it!

2. Kodak EASYSHARE S730

The Kodak EASYSHARE S730 is another great digital photo frame and has alot of similiar features to the one above and a lower price, with its touch screen controls and 8000 image capacity it is a great digital photo frame, its even cordless so you can pass it around like a photo frame!

3. Toshiba DMF82XKU

The 8" Toshiba DMF82XKU is another great diigtal photo frame especiall because of its different wireless options of getting your pictures sent over to the frame, it also has video support and a very sleek design.

4. Kodak PULSE

The Kodak PULSE is great for people with less technical knowledge and even allows you to send your pictures to it via email and facebook. It has a high quality TFT screen and it very easy to set up, the price isnt too bad too!

5. Samsung SPF-71Es

The Samsung SPF-71Es isnt to bad either coming at #5 and 7"'s, it has alot of the features of previously mentioned. Auto turn off/on and some alarm clock options, though lets face it we want to use it as a digital photo frame not as a clock! but it still is a great frame nevertheless.

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